On April 1, 1995, Clark & Towne opened their doors in the upstairs portion of a historic home (circa 1914) at 600 South Perry Street in Lawrenceville. They started the firm with just themselves (two attorneys), and one paralegal intern. Within months, they had so many clients, their intern was offered a permanent job. They continued to expand and bought the building in 1999.

By 2007, the firm had grown so large that the founding attorneys didn’t know who their clients were. They had a staff of twelve but didn’t enjoy their civil business as much as their criminal defense clients. They downsized the staff, sold the office building, and moved the law practice closer to Interstate 85.

By 2012, Clark & Towne reduced the number of clients they accepted. They came to know each client personally and asked each client how they could achieve a “WIN.” Trial lawyers started referring appeals to the firm, so they expanded to focus on criminal appeals.

In 2016, David Clark accepted the position as director of the appellate division of the Georgia Public Defender Office. (In English, that means that he supervised attorneys all over Georgia and in an office in Atlanta. These attorneys were devoted to writing criminal appeals for indigent prisoners.) Jessica Towne continued in private practice handling criminal appeals and a reduced number of serious traffic offenses.

In 2018, David Clark returned to the firm, having represented dozens indigent clients, and with a renewed dedication to private clients.

Today, they continue to accept a limited number of clients. They do this so that they can devote their undivided attention to each case and client.

For their DUI clients, they thoroughly investigate and negotiate the case. They make sure their clients are prepared for court long before they stand before a judge or jury. When necessary, they proudly announce they are “ready for trial” and present their case to the jury.

For criminal appeal clients, they travel to prison to meet personally to review the case. They answer all letters in writing. They strive to write the perfect argument.

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