Our grade A firm accepts a very limited number of DUI clients and clients facing serious traffic charges at the trial level.

Jessica Towne has won awards and critical acclaim for defending DUI and serious traffic cases since 1995. Towne knows a DUI charge is a serious, life-changing event. Prosecutors in Gwinnett County strictly enforce DUI and other serious traffic laws and the mandatory punishments that follow a conviction or guilty plea. Aggressive, effective and thorough DUI defense is a complicated area of the law that is best performed by a local, experienced lawyer who focuses her practice on DUI defense.

The successful defense of a DUI charge requires more legal and technical challenges than most murder trials. Trial courts and appellate courts regularly issue new rulings and opinions on a wide variety of DUI issues. DUI laws are constantly evolving. Every year the Georgia General Assembly changes driver’s license, DUI trial or DUI sentence regulations. An experienced DUI attorney stays abreast of the changes or risk a client’s case.  Most criminal attorneys are not competent to handle a DUI case because there are too many changes in the laws.  DUI is not an area where any attorney can represent you.  It’s not “just a misdemeanor.”

Lawrenceville DUI defense attorney Jessica Towne spent her long legal career primarily in Gwinnett County courtrooms. “The first thing a person with a DUI charge needs to do is to decide whether to apply for an ignition interlock limited permit, do nothing, or appeal their license suspension,” says Towne. “If, when you were stopped for DUI,  the officer kept your driver’s license and gave you a temporary driving permit, your license has been suspended and you now have 30 days to choose which option is best  for you — or do nothing, and suffer a license suspension. Check your wallet or purse now! Don’t bury this paper!”

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