You can’t afford a part-time appeal attorney after you’ve been convicted of a crime.  You deserve an attorney who is focused on criminal appeals.

After your trial, you may be stuck with the facts that the jury heard, but Clark & Towne know how to find out whether the facts left out should have been considered, too.

Why should you choose Clark & Towne?

They use know-how to find the issues that lead to success.  They call that “issue spotting,” and it takes a fresh set of eyes, not those of your trial lawyer, to find what gets you a new trial, or better yet, complete reversal of the conviction.

They excel at research.  What sets them apart from other attorneys is their love of puzzles.  An appeal is a puzzle that needs solving.  How is it that the jury got it wrong?  They find similar cases that will lead to a different conclusion, and use these cases to convince the judge that their clients deserve another chance.  Lots of lawyers don’t enjoy spending hours reading the law.  They know that this is the only way to change the law in your favor.

They write winning briefs.  Once they’ve read your case transcripts, spoken with your trial lawyer, spotted the issues and researched the law, they write briefs (and bring them to court in a briefcase).   All attorneys have to take continuing education, and Clark & Towne attend seminars that help them perfect writing in a style that clients can easily understand.  They know that if their clients understand the argument, the judges reading the briefs will agree with the argument.

They go to the appeals courts and present your case.  Initially, they argue before the same judge who did your jury trial.  In most cases, we will then present their clients’ case in Atlanta before either the Court of Appeals or the Georgia Supreme Court.  They love public speaking and we are not afraid to answer the judges’ questions and convince them that they are right.

What can you expect from Clark & Towne?

  • They explain the process to you.  They understand that you’re getting “advice” from all directions. Legal procedure and rules on appeals are very different from those on trials.
  • They personally visit their clients in person.
  • They answer every client letter with a letter.
  • They will not use “video visitation” or Department of Corrections email because they are monitored and there is no attorney-client privilege.  Everything a client tells Clark & Towne is confidential.

Clark & Towne will do everything they can to win your criminal appeal.


There is a $250 non-refundable consultation fee.

Appeal expenses are not included in the retainer fee and must be paid by the client as needed. The firm will handle the direct appeal from a Georgia superior court, the motion for new trial hearing, the appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia or Georgia Court of Appeals including the oral argument, and any certiorari petitions or motions for reconsideration that may be necessary. They will also handle a new sentence hearing if their client succeeds. Habeas petitions (state and federal), retrial representation and parole/probation hearings not included.